Monday, February 27, 2012

The Great Wall of Games

Hey, have you heard there’s something really huge coming to DinoSawUs

It’s pretty hush, hush right now but I don’t think it will be too long before it’s unveiled. My spies tell me it’s something like a huge wall of games that you can play anytime and it’s always changing. WOW! That would be the ultimate! I love new games so much and imagine having different ones all the time to keep it fresh and exciting. Sounds like the best fun to me. The bambiraptors are so busy getting all this ready that they haven’t had a chance to think up an awesome name for this new area yet so they’ve asked you guys to do it for them. You can enter Wall of Games name competition in the Town Hall. 

Rock on Baby.
Tom T-Rex

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pignut Yam vs Welsh Warrior

The battle between Pignut Yam, existing champion and head honcho of DinoSawUs, and Welsh Warrior, the new contender and up-and-coming star, continues…
Welsh Warrior replies to Pignut Yam’s offer of sharing the top spot in Dino Valley:
“Pignut Yam, thanks for the message I too think we both can be number 1. So don't get scared and come on at 12.30 tomorrow and let’s play some games!!!
How about Dino Race and Roar?
You rock and thank you Pignut Yam.
Did you know I'm only 8?”
It’s great to see our top players being such good sports here at DinoSawUs. Rock on.

Nice one Pignut-myster - you rock.
Tom T-Rex the jobs on dinosaur games dude

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pignut’s Scavenger Hunt

Well, you all know who I mean when I say Pignut, don’t you? That’s right, the awesome, the incredible, Pignut Yam-the-man. That guy is so busy coming up with cool ideas to keep DinoSawUs rocking that I don’t know how he gets any time for schoolwork. His latest great plan is the new Scavenger Hunt. Fantastic, I say. Get on down to the Town Hall to read all about it. There’s free membership up for grabs but you gotta be in to win. All you have to do is search all over Dino Valley for the items, tell the bambiraptors where you found them and hey presto, you could be a winner! Pignut’s gonna come up with new scavenger hunt items every month so this is just the start of something great…

Bye for now.
Tom T-Rex the mighty dinosaur games guru

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